Christian Loubek

He directs commercials mainly but has also directed music videos and short films. He has directed in more than 18 countries. He has directed in at least 6 different languages. He has directed A-list stars as well as NBA players and Olympic athletes. He has also directed cows in Oregon and giraffes in Durban. He has directed on mountaintops in Moab, the Monashees, the Remarkables and the Canadian Rockies. He has directed 12,000’ above sea level and with scuba tanks at 400 kPa underwater. He was once diagnosed with Dengue Fever thanks to his directing.

Christian got his start directing his little brother to jump off cliffs and to run through walls. Christian has currently been preoccupied with directing his two children, Charley & Baer, which may be his toughest assignment yet.

Director illustration