Casey Storm

Having grown up on the Hollywood stages where his father Howard Storm was directing Mork and Mindy, Taxi, Laverne and Shirley and Alf, (yes, Alf), the film set is where Casey feels most at home.  While Spike Jonze kidnapped him in his Honda Civic and made him an award-winning costume designer for several years, directing was always meant to be the next step in Storm’s evolution and he eventually found his way there. 

After crafting iconic costumes for Spike, Fincher, Inaritu, and many other “one-name worthy” directors, Casey finally got a chance to start directing. His first job was filling in for Alejandro Inaritu on a huge commercial where Inaritu asked Casey to shoot second unit. Storm took advantage and leapt into his new directing career with a unique vision. He was off and running.

Casey’s keen eye for art direction and his pinpoint comedic timing blend together to create unique advertisements for brands. His directing career is exciting and diverse, as he has helmed projects for Apple, Nike, Expedia, Allstate, Tinder, Samsung and many other brands in addition to his music videos. Casey’s offbeat humor and impeccable casting have created memorable spots that are intelligent, stylish, and funny. Enjoy him. Blah blah blah...

Director illustration